Mysterious Castle


Swords, spells, and old-school role


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Mysterious Castle is a by-the-book roguelike where you control a group of adventurers who journey into mysterious lands where, of course, they find the 'Mysterious Castle.'

The game has a very basic gameplay in which your characters have different attributes (strength, build, intelligence...) and skills (opening locks, climbing, stealth...), which can be improved as you gain experience and level up.

To gain experience, as usual, you'll have to defeat your enemies in combat. These fights are turn-based, meaning you can take your time in deciding what you want each team member to do.

You can face off against orcs, dark elves, demons, skeletons, and many others. And, of course, you can fight them using lots of different weapons and spells that will perfectly complement your characters' abilities, giving you more possibilities.

Mysterious Castle is a very fun RPG with all the traditional elements from the roguelike genre, but is much more accessible thanks to the intuitive graphics and mouse-based controls.

This version doesn't include the entire game.

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